Child care providers

As a child care provider you need to know how to get Child Care Subsidy on behalf of a family.

You must register for a PRODA account to access the Provider Entry Point (PEP).

Child care fee assistance

Families can claim Child Care Benefit and Child Care Rebate as a lump sum for care before 2 July 2018. They have until 30 June 2019 to claim for approved care. They have 12 months from the date they used the care to claim for registered care.

We offer subsidies to families to help with the cost of child care fees. We pay these directly to you as the child care provider. This reduces the fees families pay.

Our child care fee assistance includes:

To get Child Care Subsidy on behalf of a family, you must be an approved child care provider.

As an approved child care provider, you can apply for Additional Child Care Subsidy Child Wellbeing. You can read more about this additional subsidy on the Department of Education and Training’s (DET) website.

Approved child care providers

To be an approved child care service you need to apply to the DET. They must give you approval. Once they do, you can accept child care payments on behalf of families.

The types of child care services that can get approval include:

  • Centre Based Day Care including long day care and occasional care
  • Family Day Care
  • Outside School Hours Care including before, after and vacation care, and
  • In Home Care

Read about becoming an approved child care service on the DET website.

Remember, approval to get this subsidy on behalf of a family is separate to other approval to provide child care.

Online services

The Provider Entry Point

This is part of the secure Child Care Subsidy System. You can apply for provider and service approval using the Provider Entry Point (PEP). Approved providers can use the PEP to:

  • access information
  • add or remove a service
  • give notice of a change in their circumstances, and
  • give enrolment notices and session reports to get the subsidy on behalf of families

To access the PEP, you need to register with Provider Digital Access (PRODA).


PRODA is an online authentication system. You can use it to securely access government online services.

To get a PRODA account you need to:

  • create a unique user name and password
  • set up security questions and answers, and
  • verify their identity documents – such as a passport, driver’s licence or Medicare card

If you're a manager

The person with management control of the child care service must:

  • create an individual PRODA account
  • register the organisation in PRODA, and
  • link the organisation to the PEP

From the My linked services screen, select the PRODA Organisations tab on the top right. From here you can register or manage your organisation account.

We’ll check your details against the organisation information on the Australian Business Register (ABR). Your individual PRODA account name must match an associated member name on the ABR.

Once they’ve registered the organisation in PRODA, you can link CCS as a service and access the PEP.

If you’re a staff member

All child care staff need to create an individual PRODA account.

At the end of the process you’ll get a PRODA Registration Authority (RA) number. You need to give that RA number to the person with management control.

They will link your individual account to the organisation in PRODA. Once linked, you can access the organisation in PRODA. You can also complete child care updates for the organisation using the PEP or a software product.

You can read more about:

Other government services

There are other government organisations that help child care providers.

Read more about national child care and educational policies and programs on the DET website. It has useful links and contacts for parents and educators. They can help you with enquiries relating to:

  • procedure
  • policy
  • approval of services, and
  • the PEP

Child care educators and providers can visit the ACECQA website. It includes links to regulatory authorities in each state or territory.

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