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Information about the services we offer relevant to financial or insurance service providers.

Centrelink Confirmation eServices for Businesses

Centrelink Confirmation eServices (CCeS) is a secure online service that provides an efficient and effective method for businesses to confirm a customer’s entitlement to a concession, rebate or service it provides. Businesses can use the service to:

  • confirm a customer’s details such as name, address, payment type and concession card status
  • provide details on income, asset and payment details, and
  • confirm if a customer is eligible for early release of superannuation in the event of financial hardship

Businesses must obtain customer consent before accessing any customer information via CCeS. Customers can give their consent to businesses in writing, online or verbally.

Information services for income stream providers

If you are an income stream provider you can send us income stream information for the August and February reviews electronically. Read more information for income stream providers.

Compensation recovery for insurers

If you are an insurer who is paying someone compensation of more than $5,000 including all legal costs, you are required by law to tell us in case the person you are paying has also been receiving Medicare benefits for their compensation injury.

If your client receives Centrelink payments, they may be affected by compensation recovery claims. We have compensation information for lawyers and insurers to help your clients, including legislation, forms and a compensation kit booklet.

Customer information

If you are not an insurer or financial service provider you can read the information for customers about:

Page last updated: 10 April 2019

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