Community access

We're committed to making our payments and services easy for everyone to access.

Community access

We strive to make our services available and easy for everyone in the community to access. We provide:

  • mobile service centres
  • specialist staff
  • language services, and
  • a range of ways to get in touch with us

We also have agents and access points. This extends our reach to rural, regional and remote communities.

Rural, regional and remote communities

Access points provide free self-help facilities. They let people in rural, regional and remote communities do their business with us. They can access our services from one of over 230 access points and 340 agents. Read more about agents and access points for customers.

To become an agent or access point that delivers our services you need to be a:

  • business
  • company
  • local council
  • community group, or
  • trading entity

When a spot becomes available, we’ll advertise it in the local media.

Read more about agents and access points for host organisations.

Our Mobile Service Centres bring our services to rural and remote communities. They put people in touch with a range of government payments and services. Our staff can:

  • process claims
  • update details, and
  • complete most transactions that you can do at a service centre

Read more about Mobile Service Centres to see when they'll be in your area.

Language services

We can help your community connect with information and services in your language.

Read about services available to multicultural organisations.

Specialist staff

Our specialist staff offer a range of tailored services. They help with access to our services and other services in the community. They consider personal circumstances before suggesting services.

Indigenous specialist officers

Our Indigenous specialist officers can help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians access our payments and services.

Read more about payments and support for Indigenous Australians.

Social workers

We have social workers in service centres and on the phone. They help people who are in a crisis, have no support or are unsure how to access the right help.

Read more about our social work services.

Community engagement officers

If someone in your community is homeless or at risk of becoming homeless and it’s hard for them to visit a service centre or call us, a Community Engagement Officer can help them.

Financial information service officers

Financial information service (FIS) officers can talk to people about a range of topics. They focus on how to manage money and make informed financial decisions. They’re part of our Financial Information Service. This is a free and confidential service that includes financial information seminars.

You can ask our FIS officers to present a seminar or a series of seminars for your group’s or organisation’s needs. Read more about Financial Information Service for organisations.

Multicultural service officers

Multicultural Service Officers help us connect with migrant and refugee communities. They also help improve access to Australian Government programs and services. There are about 70 nationwide.

Interpreters and translators

Our experienced interpreters speak with people in their preferred language. They can do this in person and on the phone.

We also have translators to help translate documents people need to do business with us.

Read more about our interpreter and translation services.

Grandparent advisers

Grandparent advisers are available in selected states and territories. They support grandparents who care for their grandchildren full time.

Accessible facilities and online information

Our service centres meet all Australian standards in relation to physical access. This ensures people with disability can access them.

We also have specialised phone services that help with hearing, speech and language barriers.

Our website meets the Australian Government standard under the Disability Discrimination Act 1992. Read more about accessibility.

Other government and community resources

Use Payment and Service Finder to find other government and community resources relevant to your community.

Page last updated: 11 July 2018