Family organisations

Sometimes families need services that are outside the scope of our service delivery. In these cases, we can link families to organisations in the community.

Stakeholder engagement

We work with key stakeholders and stakeholder groups with a broad family focus.

Families Stakeholder Coordinators identify and establish relationships with key stakeholders and stakeholder groups with a broad families focus.

We do this by:

  • responding to issues regarding policy, legislation and service delivery raised by key stakeholders, and
  • improving stakeholder communication channels to promote programs and services

Our stakeholders include:

  • federal, state and local government departments and agencies
  • advocacy groups
  • employers
  • the legal community
  • support service providers and peak bodies
  • professional associations
  • academics, and
  • special audiences

Child Support stakeholder group

A broad cross section of our stakeholders are represented on the Child Support National Stakeholder Engagement Group (CSNSEG).

The CSNSEG operates as an advisory body on issues affecting separating and separated parents and their children. The group meets throughout the year and is jointly convened by us and the Department of Social Services.

Child Support stakeholders can contact us at

National partnerships

We work with Australians at many stages of their lives, including during times of crisis or distress. When customers need extra help, we can connect them with organisations that offer additional assistance.

These organisations provide both immediate and longer term counselling and support to customers who may be at risk of, or are experiencing, issues such as family and domestic violence, severe distress, self-harm, homelessness, financial difficulty and child wellbeing.

Approved care organisations

An approved care organisation may be eligible to receive Family Tax Benefit for young people in their care.

Read more about approved care organisations.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017