3 ways you can help ABSTUDY students

19 July 2018

Use our resources to find information about payments and services for Indigenous students.

Here are 3 ways you can stay up to date with information about ABSTUDY and help students with their payments.

  1. Subscribe to our eNewsletter for students and trainees.

You’ll get monthly updates about payments and services for students. We’ll also let you know about any changes to payments.

  1. Access our ABSTUDY eKit for information and products about ABSTUDY.

Use the mini mag to help explain ABSTUDY to students. Print out posters and flyers to display at your school. You can also share our videos with students and their families.

  1. Call our ABSTUDY Students line for information about a student.

If you have their permission, you can ask us questions about what payments they get and when they’ll be paid. They need to visit, call or write to us to give you permission to contact us on their behalf.

Next steps 

You can also subscribe to community news for regular updates about our payments and services.

Save humanservices.gov.au/abstudyresources in your favourites so you can always access to the latest version of the eKit.

If you have permission, contact our ABSTUDY Students line for information about a student.

Page last updated: 19 July 2018