5 ways you can help school leavers with Centrelink

13 August 2018

Share our resources to let students know what support they can get when they leave school.

1. Follow us on social media

You can stay updated with information and changes to student payments by following Student Update on Facebook or Twitter. On social media, we answer general questions about student payments and post about changes and maintaining payments.

2. Show our students YouTube playlist

Our videos have information about payments and can help guide students through specific topics, like claiming. Watch our intro to student payments video for an overview of the financial support we have for students.

3. Let students know about Payment and Service Finder

Payment and Service Finder can help students see what support they can get based on their situation. If they aren’t sure what’s next after school, knowing what support is available can help them make a decision.

4. Refer students to our website

Students can get information on our website about the support available for different pathways after leaving school. They can also use the website to get help with self service. This includes tasks like reporting employment income and submitting documents online.

5. Get support to help Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students

Our ABSTUDY eKit has information to help you talk to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students about ABSTUDY. You can share articles from the eKit in your newsletter, or print posters for your school or office.

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Page last updated: 13 August 2018