Free financial information seminars

8 September 2015

Free financial information seminars are regularly available around Australia. You can also book us for your organisation.

Want to refer someone to free financial help and information? Or bring them to your organisation?

Our financial information seminars are open to the public and take place in a range of locations around Australia. You can also request for us to present a seminar or a series of seminars specifically for your organisation by calling 132 300.

We cover general topics like Managing your money as well as retirement planning and investment topics.

Find an existing seminar near you:

Financial Information Service officers

Our seminars are conducted by Financial Information Service officers, who can show participants how to make informed financial decisions and help you understand the consequences of those decisions in the short, medium and long term. It’s never too early to start planning!

You can speak to one of our specialist officers over the phone on 132 300, or refer someone to call us if they prefer to speak with us over the phone.

We have other specialist officers too

Financial Information Service officers are only one of many specialist officers in the community. We also provide interpreters and translators for people who speak a language other than English, Multicultural Service Officers, and Indigenous Specialist Officers.

In addition, social workers are available in our service centres to help customers with a range of issues, and specialist staff travel in our Mobile Service Centres to remote locations.

Next steps

Book an existing seminar by emailing, please allow 3 days to process your booking or phone 136 357 between 8 am and 5 pm AEST. Please include the following when you make a booking:

  • title, date and location of the seminar
  • how to contact you

Request a seminar or series of seminars for your organisation:

  • phone 132 300

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