Help people protect their personal details against scams

18 April 2018

Scammers are very clever. They use many ways to trick people into giving them their personal details or money.

Scammers may contact people pretending to be us or another organisation they trust. This includes saying they’re from a government organisation. Scammers can:

  • call
  • send emails or texts
  • use social media
  • send letters in the post, or
  • knock on the door in person

Their messages, and what they say, can look and sound authentic. It’s very easy to think it’s real.

We know falling victim to a scam can be distressing but there are many ways people can protect themselves. Our website has helpful information that you can share with people in your community, including:

We also put alerts on our website and social media channels. We do this so people can be prepared.

Next steps

Share our information about scams with people in your community and encourage them to:

Your community group can also do the same.

Page last updated: 11 July 2018