New addition to our Mobile Service Centre fleet

29 September 2015

We are pleased to welcome Golden Wattle, the newest addition to our Mobile Service Centre fleet, joining Kangaroo Paw and Desert Pea.

Mobile Service Centres travel to rural and regional communities to provide people with information and access to government services. Mobile Service Centres are staffed by experienced specialist officers who provide friendly face to face service, information and support. They are specialists in rural servicing and live and work in the communities they serve.

Golden Wattle will make its way to Northern NSW to commence serving regional communities. It helps us to reach 150 more communities annually, extending access to essential government services to people living in even the smallest towns.

A schedule of times and locations for our Mobile Service Centre fleet is available for your information and to pass on to interested members of the public.

In addition, our Remote Servicing Teams travel to remote areas throughout Australia to help with departmental payments and services. Indigenous Specialist Officers are often a part of these teams.

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