You can now use Payment and Service Finder separately

7 June 2018

We’ve separated our Payment and Service Finder tool. This makes it easier for you and customers to search for what they need.

Payment and Service Finder can help find, estimate and compare payments. It can also help people locate services, if they need some extra support. 

We’ve made it easier to use by letting people choose to search for either Payments or Services

This can help you, help your customers by making it quicker and easier to use. 

Before the change, you had to search Payment Finder before searching for Services. This means if you already know they aren’t eligible for a payment, you can search Services directly.

You can use Payment Finder to see if a person is eligible for a payment. They’ll need to answer some simple questions, like age and income.

Service Finder can help anyone find additional support, or help if they aren’t eligible for a payment. They’ll need to provide the state or territory they live in and the services they’re searching for.

It will also provide local services first. This can help you when referring people to the services they need within the community.

Based on the answers they provide they’ll get options to explore, or be able to search again.

Payment and Service Finder is available on our homepage.

Or, customers can access it through their Centrelink online account through myGov. 

We don’t keep any information entered.

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Page last updated: 11 July 2018