Providing voluntary work opportunities

A not for profit organisation may register with us to provide voluntary work opportunities for eligible job seekers.

How to register

Before you start, call the job seekers line to check if your organisation is on our register.

To register, submit a Request for organisation approval form in person at a service centre. We’ll contact you with the outcome. You can check the progress of your request at the service centre where you submitted the form.

Who can work for you

After you register, eligible job seekers can do volunteer work for you. This may help them meet their mutual obligation requirements.

Before they start

Before they start, we need to check the position is suitable for them and meets our requirements. Each job seeker must submit a Verification of Voluntary Work form. Your organisation and the job seeker need to complete the form. The job seeker can submit the completed form in person at a service centre. We’ll contact the job seeker to tell them the outcome.

Page last updated: 11 July 2018