Allied health professionals

Health payments, programs and services including HPOS, for practice staff, health workers and pharmacy staff.

Services, payments and programs

Child Dental Benefits Schedule for health professionals
Information for dental practitioners who provide dental services through the Child Dental Benefits Schedule.

Closing the Gap - PBS Co-payment Measure
The CTG PBS Co-payment Measure improves access to PBS medicines for eligible Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders living with, or at risk of, chronic disease.
Disability Support Pension information for health professionals
Information for health professionals about Disability Support Pension eligibility and the assessment process.
Healthcare Identifiers Service for health professionals
A national system that uses a unique number to match healthcare providers to individuals.
Hearing Services Program
This program helps with the cost of hearing services, assessments and devices.
National Authentication Service for Health
Healthcare providers and supporting organisations use the National Authentication Service for Health (NASH) to securely access and share health information.
PBS and RPBS stationery
Get PBS and RPBS stationery from our website, using an order form or from the Camerons Group. The stationery is free for eligible prescribers and approved suppliers.
Practice Incentives Program
The Practice Incentives Program (PIP) aims to support general practice activities.
Practice Nurse Incentive Program
The Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP) provides incentive payments to practices to support an enhanced role for nurses working in general practice.
Provider Digital Access (PRODA) provides secure access to online government services.

Help subjects

AIR education for vaccination providers
Australian Immunisation Register (AIR) education resources help you access and record information on the AIR.
Doing business online for health professionals
Use our online business solutions to save you time and paperwork, and help you get payments faster.
DVA education for health professionals
Help with Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) billing and claiming.
Education services for health professionals
Education resources to help you understand our health programs and do business with us.
Getting started with digital health
Electronic management of health and health related information. It’s a safer, better quality, more equitable and sustainable health system for all Australians.
Health professionals starting with Medicare
What you need to do to get set up with Medicare and more.
Incentive Programs education for health professionals
Learn about Incentive Programs to help you and your staff do business with us.
Independent review of health providers’ access to Medicare card numbers
The Australian Government commissioned a review in response to claims Medicare card details were sold on the internet. The review has closed and we are now implementing the recommendations.
Indigenous health education for health professionals
Learn about our health program payments and services to help improve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians’ health outcomes.
Medicare information for health professionals
Important information for accessing Medicare as a health professional.


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