Assessment outcome

When the assessment has been completed, a letter is sent to the care recipient and nominee advising of any fees the care recipient needs to pay.

Incomplete assessments

If the care recipient submits an incomplete assessment we will make two attempts to contact them. If this is unsuccessful we will write to the care recipient. If care has already started, we will send a letter to you as the provider to let you know that we are seeking additional information.

Assessments not submitted

If, after these reminders, the care recipient does not submit a completed assessment they are liable to pay up to the maximum income tested fee. We will send fee advice notification letters to you as the provider and to the care recipient.

On commencement of a Home Care Package

When the Home Care Package starts, the service will supply the care recipient’s details via the online Aged Care Entry Record to enable data matching for income testing purposes. The service will then receive the fee notification letter for the care recipient if:

  • an assessment has already been completed, or
  • if the care recipient is a means tested income support payment recipient

Page last updated: 5 July 2018