HPOS interface and navigation

You can access more than 26 services using HPOS. All of the services and functions in HPOS are grouped on tiles on the home page. Use this overview to help you find a service or function.

Minimum browser requirements

Using the latest internet browser helps improve your security.

You will need one of the following versions at a minimum to use HPOS:

  • Internet Explorer 9
  • Mozilla Firefox 30
  • Google Chrome 39

Other browsers may work, but as they have not been tested and are not supported they may not display correctly.

Navigations changes

There is a new log on page. The log on options have not changed.

The HPOS home page has changed. Services and functions on this page are now grouped on ‘tiles’ as follows:

  • Messages
  • Find a patient
  • Items
  • Claims
  • Reports
  • My programs
  • My details
  • Info

Services can be accessed by selecting the appropriate tile. The Menu icon makes the left hand menu slide out and provides an alternate way to navigate HPOS. To assist you we have an overview of the HPOS home page.

Name changes for some HPOS services

The most used services in HPOS are:

  • patient verification
  • MBS items online checker
  • Easyclaim processing and payment reports

These services are still available however, they have new names and are accessed slightly differently.

Patient verification

This is now called Find a patient. It can be found by selecting the Find a patient title on the HPOS homepage.

MBS items online checker

This can be found by selecting the Items tile on the homepage, and then MBS items online checker.

Easyclaim (processing and payment)

This is now part of Medicare Bulk Bill Reports. It can be found by selecting Reports on the homepage.

Other changes

The Mail Centre has been renamed Messages.

The add new location function has been renamed Create a new provider location.

New icons

There are new icons these have following functions:

Top of the screen

Menu icon menu

Help icon help

Print this page icon print this page

Provide feedback icon provide feedback on this page

Make this page a favourite icon make this page a favourite page for easy access

Symbols at the bottom of the screen

Legal information icon legal information

Contact us icon contact us/help information

Privacy icon privacy information

Page last updated: 20 July 2018