Managing provider numbers using HPOS

Apply for additional Medicare provider numbers and manage existing numbers in HPOS.

Information to help you:

  • apply for another Medicare provider number for a new location without having to submit a manual form
  • manage existing provider number details including phone, email and fax details for all your locations

Providers and delegates must use their Provider Digital Access (PRODA) account to access their details using HPOS.

Create a Medicare provider number for a new location

You must have a different Medicare provider number for each work location.

When you apply for another Medicare provider number in HPOS, we'll issue it instantly. You'll see it on screen and we’ll send a copy to your HPOS Messages.

A new provider number is effective from the moment it’s issued. However, we recommend you wait 2 business days before using the new number to submit claims.

If you re-open or create an additional Medicare provider number, we’ll ask for your organisation details. This field is optional. However, if you enter any field in the business structure requirements section, you must complete all fields to continue. If you don’t have all the details to complete this section, select ‘reset’. HPOS will remove all the details entered.

To create a new Medicare Provider Number:

  • select My details
  • select My provider numbers
  • select Create a new provider location
  • read the privacy note 
  • select Next to provide address details
  • select Next to provide contact details
  • select Next to provide Organisation details
  • select Next to provide banking details. If a delegate creates a new location for a provider, we’ll hold the banking details until the provider can access HPOS. The provider needs to approve their My banking details before we can process them
  • select the acknowledgement checkbox and  Submit location to complete

The new number will show on the screen and a copy will go to your HPOS messages.

Manage existing Medicare provider number details

To view and edit your provider number details, including closing and reopening locations:

  • select My details
  • select My provider numbers
  • select My provider number details
  • edit or add emails and fax numbers
  • enter an end date to close locations and select reopen to reopen closed locations
  • select Submit when details are correct

Page last updated: 5 July 2018