Recording patient information on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)

Vaccination providers should record patient immunisation information on the AIR. The quickest and easiest ways are through Practice Management Software or through the AIR site.

Why you should record patient immunisation details on the AIR

Recognised vaccination providers should record information to the AIR at the time of vaccination. The accuracy of the AIR depends on how quickly we get the correct information from you.

Delays in recording data, particularly childhood immunisations, can result in incomplete Immunisation History Statements. This could result in a:

  • delay in enrolment to child care or school
  • delay in starting some types of employment
  • delay in family and friends being able to visit newborns until they can prove that they’ve had their whooping cough vaccine

An incomplete Immunisation History Statement could also result in a family losing eligibility for:

  • Family Tax Benefit Part A
  • Family Tax Benefit Part A supplement for 2017-18 financial year
  • Child Care Subsidy
  • Additional Child Care Subsidy
  • Child Care Benefit or Child Care Rebate as a lump sum for 2017-18

How to record patient vaccination information

When you give a vaccine to a patient, promptly record the details on the AIR.

Use your patient’s Medicare card and reference number to identify them on the AIR when you record immunisation information.

You’ll need the full name, date of birth, gender and address for patients who are not enrolled in Medicare and who don’t already have an AIR record. You can create a record on the AIR which will be matched to their Medicare record if they enrol later.

There are 4 ways you can record information to the AIR:

  • use your Practice Management Software (PMS) - the immunisation information transfers directly from your PMS to the AIR. Download the latest version of your PMS to ensure you have access to the latest AIR functionality and vaccine codes. Contact your software vendor if you have difficulties
  • access Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) - using PKI or PRODA, you can record immunisation information using the Identify Individual and Record Encounter functions
  • use the AIR site - you can record immunisation information using the Identify Individual and Record Encounter functions
  • complete these 2 forms - Australian Immunisation Register Immunisation Encounter Header form with the Australian Immunisation Register Immunisation Encounter form

If you currently send immunisation information to the AIR through your state or territory health department, you can keep doing this.

How to record overseas immunisation information

Recognised vaccination providers can record overseas immunisation information on the AIR if it’s been translated to English.

You can do this:

How to record immunisation medical exemptions

Certain vaccination providers can certify immunisation medical exemptions:

If you record a medical exemption through the AIR site, it will be recorded as starting on the date you entered it, and this date can’t be changed. This means you can’t back date or forward date the exemption.

Read more about the Australian Immunisation Register for health professionals.

Page last updated: 5 July 2018