Growth hormone - continuing as a reclassified patient PBS authority application form (PB164)

Use this form for a patient continuing Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS) subsidised treatment under the section 100 Growth Hormone Program, and will be reclassified under a different condition.

The patient must be treated by a:

  • medical practitioner in consultation with a paediatric endocrinologist, or
  • medical practitioner in consultation with an endocrinologist specialising in paediatrics

You can also apply for a growth hormone authority through the Online PBS Authorities system. Access the system through your upgraded clinical or prescribing software, or the Health Professional Online Services (HPOS). Read more about how to access the system for the Growth Hormone Program.

This form can be uploaded through HPOS. Read more about form upload in HPOS.
This PDF is fillable. Download this form and complete it on your device, or print it and complete it by hand.

Page last updated: 13 November 2018