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Aged Care claim forms with missing or incorrect information

4 December 2017

If your claim forms have missing or incorrect details we’ll return them to you to fix.

Do you know someone who wants to find out more about aged care?

22 November 2017

There’s a lot of information online to help make choices about aged care.

Payment update for the Supported Resident Ratio

17 November 2017

You should see changes to the supported resident ratio payment in your next claim.

Talking to us about means testing for care recipients

13 November 2017

Due to privacy and other reasons we can only talk to a care recipient or their nominee about their income and assets.

Aged care payment changes over the holiday period

13 November 2017

There’ll be changes to residential and homecare payments during the holiday period.

We’ve just completed the quarterly review of fees paid to aged care providers

26 September 2017

The quarterly review will be run on 30 September and 1 October 2017 and takes effect from 20 September 2017.

Income testing for Home Care Packages

26 September 2017

Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) clients provide income and asset information to DVA – not to us.

Register now for online claiming for home care providers

25 September 2017

Aged Care Online Services is a fast and secure way for you to submit events and directly claim aged care payments.

Things to consider with over occupancy in home care changes

7 September 2017

You still need to take over occupancy into account if you adjust claims for home care recipients made before 27 February 2017.

Having trouble printing your Home Care Payment Statement?

7 September 2017

You can print your home care payment statement online using Aged Care Online Services (ACOS).

The provider transaction report is no longer available

10 August 2017

The provider transaction report was stopped in December 2016.

How to read your Residential Care Payment Statement

8 August 2017

After we’ve processed your monthly claim we’ll provide a statement to show how we worked out your payment.

Transition care claiming explained

23 June 2017

Transition care provides short goal-oriented and therapy-focused service packages for older people after a hospital stay.

Take a break, learn about browsers for aged care online claiming

16 June 2017

This is the third of a series of information videos for Aged Care providers.

Opt-in rules explained

14 June 2017

Those in care before 1 July 2014 are assessed under previous fee rules unless they opt in to the current arrangements.

Understanding the Aged Care Means Testing process

12 May 2017

Depending on their income and assets some care recipients pay a daily means tested care fee.

Take a break to learn about the Aged Care Funding Instrument

27 April 2017

You can learn more about the Aged Care Funding Instrument by watching our video.

Getting your head around Aged Care acronyms

6 April 2017

Need a refresher on some of the acronyms and terms we use in Aged Care? Here’s a snapshot of some of the common ones.

Short-term Restorative Care (STRC) is now available

29 March 2017

STRC places are being progressively introduced to help older Australians stay independent and living in their homes.

Aged Care Webinars – a new way to find out about aged care

9 March 2017

The Department of Health is running webinars on popular aged care topics.

Financial hardship assistance for those in aged care

9 March 2017

There’s help for aged care recipients having trouble paying fees and charges.

Take a break to learn about the Accommodation Supplement

9 March 2017

You can learn more about the accommodation supplement by watching our video.