Aged care providers – are you up to date with how to update events?

10 February 2017

It’s important you let us know when things change, so we’ve provided many ways for you to update events.

You can do updates online, by phone or email or by using a paper form.

If you have access to our online systems you can make changes for residential services using Aged Care Online Claiming (ACOC) and for homecare services using Aged Care Online Services (ACOS). Events updated through ACOC are processed overnight, and ACOS updates are processed in real time.

If it’s a simple update you can contact us by phone. Phone call updates are completed on the spot.

If you need to provide evidence with the update, it’s better to email us.

Complex updates, including those that need medical evidence, can be mailed to us using a paper form. You can also scan the paper form and email it to us.

We process email and paper forms as we receive them so it may take up to 28 day for the update to be done.

Once approved, the event is paid as part of the claim for the month the event was in effect – the ‘effective date’. If the update was for a month that has already been claimed, it will be paid as a retrospective payment in the next claim.

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