Are you using up-to-date order forms for your prescription stationery?

5 November 2018

You’ll need to use the current order forms to request PBS and RPBS prescription stationery.

From 1 January 2019, we won’t process orders for prescription stationery if you’ve used an outdated form. We’ll send your form back to you.

To make sure you get your order, please use the current order forms on our website.

You’ll find details about how to submit a stationery order on the form.

We won’t accept handwritten forms and we’ll return them to you.

Please also make sure you’ve registered your practice location and delivery address with us.

We recently updated the PBS and RPBS computer prescription stationery order form. All eligible prescribers should use the order for PBS or RPBS computer prescription forms for all eligible prescribers form

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Page last updated: 6 November 2018