Better access to mental health care for your patients this Christmas

10 December 2018

Health professionals: read the Better Access to mental health care education guide to help your patients with mental illnesses.

Christmas can be a tough time of year for people living with mental illness. This can mean you’ll see more patients seeking help with mental health care.

To help, we’ve written the Better Access to mental health care for eligible practitioners and allied health professionals education guide.

You’ll find information about services you can provide to patients under the Better Access initiative. Better Access aims to improve how mental illness is treated and managed in the community.

The guide tells you about:

  • GP and non-VR MP services under Better Access
  • patient eligibility
  • referred mental health services and referral items
  • referral format, content and validity
  • calendar year claiming limits for allied mental health services
  • mental health items and limits
  • allied health professional eligibility criteria
  • item limits and reporting for allied health professionals
  • telehealth focused psychological strategy services.

We’ve also summarised the Better Access claiming requirements with a case study and flow chart.

Read the guide today to prepare for the holiday season.

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Page last updated: 10 December 2018