Confirm your patient’s details online

23 July 2019

We have a useful new infographic to help you confirm your patient’s details quickly through HPOS.

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Health professionals are now required to confirm patient details through HPOS. Introduced on 1 July, the new process is part of our ongoing commitment to patient privacy. These changes now give you real time results to confirm:

  • patient details
  • Medicare card details
  • DVA numbers
  • concessional eligibility.

You can save time, as you don’t need to call us to confirm your patient’s details.

To help you, we’ve created the How to find a patient using HPOS infographic. It shows you how to confirm patient details once they have given consent for claiming purposes. Save this on your desktop or print it so you can refer to the steps anytime you want.

This resource is part of our extensive HPOS education resources library to help you do your business online.

Next steps

To learn more about HPOS, view the Health Professionals Online Services eLearning Program.

To use HPOS, you need a PRODA account. View the create a PRODA account simulation.

Page last updated: 23 July 2019