The Disaster Health Care Assistance Scheme has a new claim form

24 April 2017

From 3 April 2017 you’ll need to use our new form for claims under the Disaster Health Care Assistance Scheme.

We’ve streamlined the claiming process for the Disaster Health Care Assistance Scheme (DHCAS).

The scheme provides assistance with out-of-pocket health costs for eligible Australian residents and others who’ve been affected by international acts of terrorism or natural disasters.

Events covered under the scheme are now included on a single form that you can lodge on your patient’s behalf.

Both you and your patient must complete and sign the declaration sections of the claim form to allow you to be paid directly by the scheme.  

Some things haven’t changed:

  • your patient must be registered with DHCAS
  • medical evidence must be provided to state the treatment is for injury/ies from an eligible event, and
  • you must have already claimed from Medicare, other state or territory government schemes and private travel or health insurance funds before claiming with DHCAS

Claims provided on older claim forms will be returned.

Next steps

Page last updated: 27 August 2017