Do you use a PKI certificate to access HPOS?

In the future, you’ll need a PRODA account to access our services with HPOS.

We’re changing the way you do business with us so we can strengthen online security.

What’s changing

You may use Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) SHA-1 Individual Certificates to access HPOS. When this certificate expires, we won’t renew it. If you use this certificate, we’ll send you a letter a month before it expires and remind you to create a PRODA account.

What you need to do

You’ll need to use your PRODA account or create one to access HPOS. This is a more secure way to access digital services.

If you still need a PKI SHA-2 Individual Certificate for other services, you’ll need to contact us.

What is PRODA

PRODA is an online system used to securely access government online services. Using a two-step verification process, you only need a username and password.

PRODA is digital and portable. You don’t need extra hardware or software to use it. Your PRODA account doesn’t expire and you can use it to access HPOS from anywhere.

To access services using PRODA, you need to create an account.

Next steps 

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Page last updated: 25 February 2019

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