February 2019 Incentives News Update (INU) for health professionals

7 March 2019

The INU keeps you up to date with the Practice Incentives Program (PIP) and the Practice Nurse Incentive Program (PNIP).

We publish the INU 4 times a year.

In the February issue we give you another update on the Workforce Incentive Program.

We take you through:

  • how we’re strengthening online security and your access to Health Professionals Onine Services (HPOS)
  • the importance of recording patient immunisation details on the Australian Immunisation Register (AIR)
  • suspension of access to HPOS for inactive accounts
  • the new claiming process and form for the PIP Teaching Payment
  • making sure your practice accreditation records are correct
  • keeping your bank details up to date for your AIR payments.

Next steps

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