Health professionals – you can save time when claiming

10 January 2018

Don’t forget to use patient verification services before you submit Medicare Online and ECLIPSE claims

We have 3 patient verification services you can use when you lodge digital claims from your practice management software:

  1. Online Patient Verification – you can check the eligibility of a patient with Medicare and/or a private health insurer 
  2. Online Concessional Verification – you can check the concessional status of a patient to find out if you’re entitled to claim a bulk bill incentive item for services given to the patient
  3. Online Eligibility Check – you can do hospital and medical checks with Medicare and private health insurers for a patient to give them an estimate of costs such as out-of-pocket expenses before they go to hospital or get treatment 

If you use these services before lodging a claim:

  • you’re less likely to need to contact Medicare
  • it’ll reduce the time you may have to spend resubmitting rejected claims

We may reject claims if patients aren’t eligible, or details like names and card numbers aren’t correct.

Next steps

Contact your software vendor if your software doesn’t offer these services or if you have any questions about using them with your existing software.

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Page last updated: 10 January 2018