Help for care recipients having financial hardship

9 May 2018

Care recipients can apply for financial hardship assistance if they experience financial difficulties.

If we grant your care recipient financial hardship assistance, we’ll pay you a hardship supplement on their behalf.

The care recipient will be responsible for paying any fees that remain.

To apply for financial hardship assistance, the care recipient needs to fill out one of these forms:

They’ll also need to send us documents showing their:

  • aged care costs
  • essential expenses, and
  • unrealisable assets, if applicable

You’ll start getting the hardship supplement once we’ve processed and approved the claim for the month hardship assistance was granted.

For example, if we approve financial hardship assistance for a care recipient in June, with a start date in May, you’ll see the payment as an adjustment on your June payment statement.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 10 May 2018