Help your patients know when to claim online

13 August 2018

If you claim a Medicare benefit for a patient, remind them they don’t need to submit a claim online to get their benefit.

In June, we made changes to improve patients’ Medicare online accounts. Patients can now claim a rebate for all items and the claiming process is easier. 

Since we made these changes, more people are submitting their claims online. But we’ve noticed some patients are claiming benefits for services the practice has already claimed for them. 

We have to reject duplicate claims, which can cause payment delays and confusion for the patient. 

If your practice claims benefits for patients, please let your patients know you’ve submitted their claim and they don’t need to do anything else to get their benefit. 

If your practice doesn’t offer this service, let patients know they can claim using their Medicare online account through:

We’ll pay their benefit into the bank account they’ve registered with us. Patients can update their bank account details in their online account or the app.

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Page last updated: 13 August 2018