How to locate unspent amounts on Home Care payment statements

20 July 2018

You’ll find unspent Home Care amounts in different places on your payment statement depending on which period they’re for.

An unspent Home Care amount is a subsidy that hasn’t been spent or committed to a care recipient’s care and services. It occurs when a care recipient moves to a new Home Care provider or permanently leaves Home Care. 

There are no unspent Home Care amounts if a care recipient transfers to different Home Care services with the same approved provider.  

If the unspent amount is for the same period as the current claim, it’ll be on the summary page of your payment statement. It’ll be called a ‘CW (Commonwealth) Unspent Amount’.

If the unspent amount is for a retrospective period, you’ll find it in ‘Adjustments for previous claim period/s’.

You can download previous Home Care payment statements as an XML or CSV file. 

Current payment statements can be downloaded and printed as a PDF.

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Page last updated: 20 July 2018