How to read your Residential Care Payment Statement

8 August 2017

After we’ve processed your monthly claim we’ll provide a statement to show how we worked out your payment.

The first page has general information about your service. The other pages have details of the payments by care recipient.

On the last page there’s a summary of all subsidies, supplements, adjustments and advances that contribute to the total amount we paid you for the month.

For approved claims we make payment into your nominated account within 2 to 5 business days.

You should carefully check the level of care and payment types for each care recipient because we base our payments on the information in the payment statement.

Contact us if you think there should be a subsidy included or the level of care is incorrect.

We publish Residential Care Payment Statements online and/or we can also send you a copy in the post.

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Page last updated: 27 August 2017