New prescription shopping letter for prescribers

25 June 2018

We’re changing the way we tell prescribers a patient has been identified under the Prescription Shopping Programme (PSP).

Over the coming months, the Prescription Shopping Alert Service (PSAS) will change the way we provide information to prescribers.

Once a month we’ll assess patients who meet the PSP criteria. We may write to you if we’re concerned your patient is getting more PBS medicines than they medically need. We’ll no longer write to patients who’ve been identified.

We’ll provide a summary of the types and quantities of PBS medicines a pharmacist has given your patient. This is to help you with your prescribing decisions.

The letters will provide information about individual patients you can use to educate them and make informed prescribing decisions. We’ve consulted with peak bodies, including the Australian Medical Association (AMA), in changing the content of the letter.

You’ll get a letter every 6 months for patients who continually meet the PSP criteria. We won’t write to you every month.

If your patient meets the PSP criteria, you can request a Patient Summary Report through the Prescription Shopping Information Service which is a 24 hour phone line.

This report tells you:

  • the number of prescribers who have prescribed to the patient, and
  • details of dosage and quantity supplied to the patient in a 3 month period.

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Page last updated: 25 July 2018