Protect your patients! Please record details correctly on the AIR

13 May 2019

If there’s an error with your patient’s vaccine record it can affect their school enrolment, family benefit and your benefits.

It’s important to record vaccine doses correctly on the AIR site.

If it’s wrong:

  • your patient may show-up incorrectly as up-to-date or overdue for immunisations
  • your patient may be unprotected against disease
  • your patient’s school enrolment or family payments might be affected
  • your AIR immunisation information payments might be late.

The AIR counts vaccine doses by antigens, not vaccine brand. The AIR site lists the antigens for you. You can check your patient’s history and due immunisations to ensure you record the right dose.

If you see an error on your patient’s immunisation record, you can fix it through the ‘Update Encounter’ menu option on the AIR site. Or you can send us a secure email.

Once you’ve recorded immunisations using the AIR site, you can print an up-to-date immunisation history statement for your patient straight away. They can use this for school enrolment, employment or travel purposes.

To access the AIR site, make sure you have the latest internet browser.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 22 October 2019