Some of our forms are ditching paper altogether

3 September 2019

We’re trialling an entirely digital approach for two selected forms, complete with a new eLearning module to show you how to submit online.

Two forms for Rheumatoid arthritis – PB109 and PB111 can now be filled in and lodged completely online. Our new Online Forms module shows you how to navigate to the HPOS website and successfully complete and submit these forms online, saving you time and effort.

We’ve also added a new ‘Forms’ tile to your homepage, so you can access the Secure Form Upload and Online Forms features with ease.

The new module is easy to follow and will show you how to get the most from this service.

Once the trial has been completed, other paper-based forms may also become fully digital once user based feedback from the trial is assessed. Watch this space for further updates.

This module is part of the HPOS education for health professionals program, an informative learning suite that covers:

Next steps

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Page last updated: 21 October 2019