Specialists and consultant physicians – don’t forget attendances changes

1 March 2018

The limits for some consultation items done by specialists and consultant physicians changed in November 2017.

The change helps specialists and consultant physicians bill in a more consistent way. It also ensures patients get the same MBS benefit for the same service.

The change means you can’t claim MBS benefits for subsequent attendance items 105, 116, 119, 386, 2806, 2814, 3010, 3014, 6019, 6052, and 16404 if you’re performing any Group T8 items with a schedule fee of $300 or more on the same day. The Group T8 items are those numbered 30001 to 50952.

Subsequent attendance items 111, 117 and 120 may apply if they’re performed on the same day as a Group T8 item with a schedule fee of $300 or more. You can only claim one of these attendance items if the procedure is urgent and can’t be predicted before the attendance started.

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Page last updated: 1 March 2018