Supporting people affected by family and domestic violence

22 November 2018

White Ribbon Day is a good chance to let your patients to know they can reach out for support.

No one has the right to use family and domestic violence (FDV) against anyone.

Every day we work with health professionals to provide support to people affected by FDV. We can help you to connect your patients to:

  • payments we offer
  • referral partners
  • our social workers.

White Ribbon Day is on Friday 23 November 2018. It’s a national day of action to prevent men’s violence against women. It’s a day to remind everyone that no one deserves to live in fear. Read more about White Ribbon Australia on the White Ribbon website.

FDV is any behaviour that is violent, threatening, controlling or intended to make someone or their family feel scared and unsafe. It can include:

  • physical violence
  • sexual assault
  • financial abuse
  • verbal or emotional abuse
  • elder abuse
  • stalking.

FDV is unacceptable in any form. Read more about what family and domestic violence is.

What you can do to help

If your patient needs immediate help, you should call the police on 000.

If your patient doesn’t need immediate help, direct them to our family and domestic violence page. It has information about:

  • the types of payments we offer
  • services and third party referrals
  • our Payment and Service Finder, which patients can use to locate support services in their local area.

Your patients may ask about safe browsing while researching information. You can let them know the FDV page has a quick exit button. Patients can click the button anytime and it will open a search engine page.

More information

To get the most out of the resources we have available, read more:

Page last updated: 22 November 2018