Transition care claiming explained

23 June 2017

Transition care provides short goal-oriented and therapy-focused service packages for older people after a hospital stay.

If you’re an approved provider, you can email Aged Care Liaison your completed claim. This is the fastest way to make claims. You can send your claim in the mail but this will take longer to get to us to process.

Please make sure each transition care recipient has the correct approvals. If the approval for a care recipient’s transition care isn’t on our systems, we can’t pay your claim. You’ll need to contact My Aged Care and let them know the approval needs to be sent to us as we can’t to do this on your behalf.

Each transition care service has a set number of places each day. We can’t pay a claim when the number of care recipients goes over your number of places. A good way to check how many care recipients you have in care is to create a checklist that lists each care recipient you have in care on a particular day. It will show any differences so you can change and complete your claim.

Make sure exit and entry information is accurate on your claim. This will make it easier to do reconciliations and will reduce the adjustments you need to make after you’ve submitted a claim.

Next steps

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Page last updated: 27 August 2017