Upload your PBS written authority documents using HPOS

8 June 2017

Save postage time - upload your written authority applications and prescriptions electronically.

To use form upload in HPOS you'll need to be an Approved Prescriber or their delegate.

Select the form upload function in HPOS and choose the correct form category .

Use PBS - Authority Application forms for conditions or medicines that need to have an application assessed before they can be prescribed because of their clinical use or other special features.

Use PBS - Authority PBS Prescriptions for restricted medicines that need authority approval from us before they can be prescribed. These include Alzheimer’s medications, including the initial application form, PBS subsidised pazopanib prescriptions for the treatment of advanced unresectable and metastatic soft tissue sarcoma, PBS subsidised opioid medication for treatment longer than one month and other prescriptions for increased quantities or repeats.

Select the form type dropdown and search for the condition or medicine you’re treating. It’s important the option you select matches your documents for the authority request.

Send your forms and supporting documents or evidence to us in 1 PDF file.

When you’ve uploaded the documents, you’ll get a reference number you can keep with the patient’s file. This will make it easy for you to find the correct patient record when it’s been approved. The approval will be sent to your mailbox in HPOS.

Using the form upload service saves valuable time for patients to get the medicines they need.

Next steps

For more information on the form upload facility go to form upload in HPOS.

Call the PBS Complex Drugs Programs enquiry line or PBS authority approvals line to check the progress of your application.

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Page last updated: 27 August 2017