World First Aid Day – are you up to date?

10 September 2019

World First Aid Day is on 14 September this year. Are you up to date on your first aid training?

World First Aid Day was introduced by the International Federation of Red Cross in 2000 and has been celebrated each year ever since.

The day is celebrated on the second Saturday of September. For 2019, the second Saturday falls on 14 September.

If you haven’t done a first aid course, there are many training providers throughout the country. If it’s been a number of years since you did a first aid course, it’s a great idea to take a refresher. First aid refresher courses keep procedures fresh in your mind so that valuable seconds aren’t wasted during an emergency. Every second counts in a crisis, and knowing what to do quickly is crucial.

Things change

First aid techniques used today are much more efficient and effective than those used 10 or even 5 years ago. Keeping up to date on new developments is critical. Improvements to first aid delivery are being made all the time, and it pays to learn them as they develop. A simple new strategy or technique learned during a refresher course might be the difference between life and death.

Next steps

Page last updated: 10 September 2019