If your patient’s claiming DSP

If your patient claims DSP, they or we may need to speak with you about their condition. We may be able to pay you for these consultations.

Your role

If your patient claims DSP, they’ll need to provide current medical evidence for each condition that affects their work capacity.

The evidence needs to show details of diagnosis and how the condition affects them. In most cases, we also need information about treatment and prognosis.

Treating doctors no longer need to do a medical report. We’ll give your patient a Claim for DSP Medical Evidence Checklist form. This will help them gather the type of evidence we need.

You can also use the Medical Evidence Checklist for treating health professionals form. This may help you support your patient to provide medical evidence. You can use this to check if your patient’s medical evidence includes relevant information about their condition.

One of our health or allied health professionals may contact you to talk about the medical evidence.

If we contact you, it’s important you make time to speak with the assessor. This will help us get the information we need to assess a claim. If we can’t get this information, we may reject your patient’s claim.

Your remuneration options

The usual Medicare fee can apply if you gather medical evidence as part of a clinical consultation where you examine the patient.

Medical practitioners can also request a payment from us. You can do this if one of our health or allied health professionals contacts you to discuss medical evidence.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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