Disability Support Pension medical risk based reviews for health professionals

From 1 July 2016, we will undertake over 3 years additional medical reviews of DSP customers.

For these reviews we will apply the revised 1 January 2012 Impairment Tables and reassess each customer’s work capacity.

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Treating Doctor Report

We no longer need the Treating Doctor Report as a part of the DSP assessment process. Instead, to support their medical review we will ask customers to provide current medical evidence to assist in determining their diagnosis, prognosis and past, current or planned treatment.

Your patient may still contact you to seek assistance in gathering current medical evidence to support their medical review.

Medical evidence required for a DSP review

We will send customers a Disability Support Pension Review - Medical Evidence Requirements form to assist them in obtaining medical evidence for their DSP medical review.

Customers are required to provide contemporary medical evidence to support their review. This includes any clinical notes, medical records or other information about your patient’s current, past and planned treatment, which will assist in determining their diagnosis, prognosis and treatment. Other examples include:

  • compensation reports
  • hospital or outpatient records
  • medical history report
  • medical imaging reports
  • reports from operations
  • physical examination report
  • rehabilitation reports
  • specialist medical reports

Once we receive the medical evidence from the customer, we will review it to help us determine their medical eligibility for Disability Support Pension.

We may require the customer to attend a Job Capacity Assessment as part of the review.

Read more about Job Capacity Assessments.

We may also require the customer to attend a Disability Medical Assessment (DMA) with a Government-contracted doctor.

Read more about the Disability Medical Assessment.

One of our assessors, health professionals, Authorised Review Officers or Government-contracted doctors may contact you as part of the assessment process. We may ask you to disclose any medical information relevant to assessing the customer’s eligibility for DSP. This may include medical and specialist reports, clinical notes, medical records or other information.

We will ask customers to complete a Consent to disclose medical information form to confirm they consent for you to disclose relevant information about their disability or medical conditions to us, or assessors we have engaged.

After the assessment

After we have assessed their situation, we will contact customers to advise them of the outcome of their medical review. If they are not eligible for DSP at that time, we will discuss other income support options that may be more suitable for their current circumstances.

Page last updated: 27 August 2017