Healthcare Identifiers Service for health professionals

Keep your details up to date

Individual healthcare providers and healthcare provider organisations must keep details up to date in the HI Service.

Individual healthcare providers registered with AHPRA can’t use HPOS to update HI Service details. You need to contact AHPRA. Once you’ve updated your details with AHPRA, your HI Service details will automatically update overnight.

Not registered with AHPRA

If you’re not registered with AHPRA, the easiest way to manage details in the HI Service is online through HPOS. You need a Provider Digital Account (PRODA) to access HPOS.

Read more about PRODA.

Alternatively, your software may have the functionality to manage your details. Contact your software vendor for information.

Healthcare provider organisation

Healthcare provider organisation representatives can:

  • manage contact details for seed and network organisations, such as email addresses and phone numbers
  • create new network organisations
  • create and manage Healthcare Provider Directory entries and links to individual healthcare providers working at the organisation
  • search the Healthcare Provider Directory for healthcare identifiers of other registered healthcare providers
  • manage My Health Record system authorisation links to individual healthcare providers and contracted service providers.

Individual healthcare providers

Individual healthcare providers not registered with AHPRA can:

  • add and manage contact details, such as email addresses and phone numbers
  • select preferred mailing addresses
  • manage Healthcare Provider Directory entries.

Individual healthcare providers registered with AHPRA can do the same except manage existing details provided by AHPRA.

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