Developing software

Information for developing products that connect to the HI Service.

Developing software

You need to use the HI licensed material and undertake product testing if you want to:

  • develop new products, or
  • update existing products that connect to the HI Service

Access to the HI licensed material

To get access to the HI licensed material you need to read and accept the terms and conditions of the Licence Agreement - Use of the Healthcare Identifiers licenced material for Notice of Connection.

We’ll email you a logon ID and password, usually within 2 working days. You’ll need to use this when downloading material from the Current Version (n) Healthcare Identifiers licensed material.

Software development environment

Once you have access to the HI licensed material you’ll receive information about our vendor environment, and how to access it. You can use this environment to help with product development and some of the required product testing.

Testing requirements

All products developed or updated to connect with the HI Service need to be tested before we’ll give you production access.

There are 2 types of mandatory testing:

  1. Notice of Connection (NOC) - confirms your product connects successfully with the HI Service.

    This isn’t a certification process and doesn’t certify any products.

    Important - Once you've completed NOC testing for each version of your products, you must keep the following B2B header fields until production access is granted:

    • vendor ID
    • product name
    • product version

    Contact the Online Technical Support (OTS) for information about how to begin the NOC testing process.

  2. Australian Digital Health Agency (ADHA) Compliance, conformance, and accreditation (CCA) - makes sure the software supports the safe implementation and use of healthcare identifiers in clinical environments.

    These requirements were developed by AHDA (formerly the National E-Health Transition Authority) in consultation with the eHealth industry. Go to the ADHA website or email Digital Health for more information about how to begin the CCA testing process.

We strongly recommend that products not directly connecting to the HI Service, but still using healthcare identifiers, undergo CCA testing. This will ensure the products use and manage healthcare identifiers in a way that supports clinical safety. We recommend you complete NOC testing before CCA testing.

Production access to the HI Service

When you’ve successfully completed both the NOC and CCA testing for your product, we’ll let you know your product has been granted access to the HI Service production environment. We’ll send you the URL address to access it.

With your consent, AHDA will publish your product on the eHealth Register of Conformity. For more information go to the ADHA website.

Email HI Vendor Operations Team:

  • for further information about being granted access to the HI Service, or
  • to find out the status of your production access

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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