High Cost Claim Indemnity Scheme

Under this scheme the government funds 50% of the amount of claims exceeding the appropriate threshold, up to the limit of a medical practitioner’s indemnity.

You need to know

About the scheme

The Australian Government introduced the High Cost Claim Indemnity Scheme (HCCS) legislation on 1 January 2003.

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To be eligible for the High Cost Claim Indemnity Scheme (HCCS) you must meet certain criteria.

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Claiming under the HCCS

You need to fill out an application to submit a claim.

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Apportionment arrangements

Apportionment is how liability between parties to a claim are decided.

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Cost sharing arrangements

Cost sharing arrangements apply if there’s an agreement between parties to share the costs or disbursements.

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Settlement and judgment costs

You need to take settlement and judgment costs into account in your claim.

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Plaintiff costs

Plaintiff costs are the legal costs for the person who has brought the action against the medical practitioner.

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Request to aggregate payments

A MDO and a MII may aggregate amounts paid or amounts payable for the same claim against a member or policy holder.

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Request for information

Under section 38 of the Medical Indemnity Act 2002 the Chief Executive Medicare may ask you for more information.

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Returning your Medical Indemnity payment application

You can send us your application and supporting documents by post or email.

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When we’ll pay your claim

We’ll pay you before the end of the month immediately following the month we get your application.

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Recovering payments

We can recover overpayments and incorrect payments.

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Resolving conflict

The internal review is an administrative service that we provide to any MDO or MII.

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Letting us know if things change

You must let us know if circumstances change after we’ve made a payment to an applicant.

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Insurance Statistics Australia specialty codes

The below list of Insurance Statistics Australia (ISA) specialty codes can be used in your Medical Indemnity payment application.

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Glossary for Medical Indemnity

Some terms used in Medical Indemnity insurance claims have specific meanings depending on which scheme they apply to.

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Page last updated: 7 January 2019