MBS and telehealth


Eligibility for taking part in telehealth video consultation.

There is no formal application process for you to take part in a telehealth video consultation. You are eligible for telehealth if you:

  • have a Medicare provider number and are in a private practice as a:
    • specialist
    • consultant physician, or
    • consultant psychiatrist
  • have a Medicare provider number, provide support to a patient located in an eligible telehealth area during a video consultation with a specialist, and are in a private practice as a:
    • medical practitioner
    • nurse practitioner, or
    • midwife
  • provide services on behalf of a medical practitioner using their provider number and are a:
    • practice nurse, or
    • Aboriginal Health Worker
  • provide care and accommodation to residents under the Aged Care Act 1997, or
  • hold a residential aged care service (RACS) ID

A general practitioner or another health professional with a Medicare provider number can also be with the patient during the telehealth consultation to provide clinical support. This is called a supported consultation.

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Page last updated: 22 February 2019