MBS and telehealth

Removes some of the barriers to accessing medical services for Australians who have difficulty getting to a specialist or live in rural and remote areas.

The Telehealth Financial Incentives Program ended on 30 June 2014. Financial incentives have not been paid for Medicare Telehealth services provided since this date.

There are no changes to Telehealth Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) items. Providers will continue to receive higher Medicare benefits for Telehealth services.

Medicare benefits are available for video consultations between specialists and patients who are located in telehealth eligible areas. They are also available in eligible aged care facilities and Aboriginal Medical Services throughout Australia.

Medicare benefits are also available for clinical support provided by a health professional who is with the patient during the video consultation.



Eligibility for taking part in telehealth video consultation.

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Telehealth areas

At the time of the video consultation, there must be 15 km by road between a patient and a specialist, consultant physician, or consultant psychiatrist.

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MBS item numbers and payments

There are currently 23 telehealth MBS items available to medical practitioners, nurse practitioners, midwives, practice nurses and Aboriginal Health Workers.

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Specialists, consultant physicians and consultant psychiatrists

You must submit telehealth claims separately to other non-telehealth claims.

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Medical practitioners, Aboriginal health workers, practice nurses, nurse practitioners and midwives

You can submit telehealth claims with all other non-telehealth claims.

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Bulk billing a telehealth video consultation

Patients who have a telehealth video consultation with a specialist can assign their right to a Medicare benefit to the specialist.

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More information about Telehealth: Specialist video consultations under Medicare is at MBS Online on the Department of Health website.

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