Applying for a Medicare provider number

You can apply for your initial number using a form and for additional numbers online with HPOS.

You can apply for a Medicare provider number online using HPOS or you can fill in a form.

If this is your first time applying for a provider number, you’ll need to use the application form. There are different forms for different health professionals.

If you’re eligible, you can apply for a prescriber number at the same time. A prescriber number allows you to prescribe medicines listed in the Schedule of Pharmaceutical Benefits to your patients.

It’s important to give us your contact details and supporting documents. Remember to include your bank account details so we can pay Medicare benefits directly to your account.

Applying for an initial provider number

You can apply for your initial Medicare provider number if you’re either a:

  • graduating health professional with an internship
  • registered provider who wants to access Medicare services for the first time.

You must have a Medicare provider number before you can bill, refer or request services for Medicare benefits.

Initial provider number forms

Please fill in and submit your application form along with all of your supporting documents.

Select the application form related to your health profession:

It’s important to apply early. You need to use a form to apply for your initial provider number, which can take a while.

December to April is peak processing time, so your application may take longer during these months.

Applying for additional provider numbers

You’ll need an additional Medicare provider number if you start practising:

  • at a new location where you’ll access Medicare benefits
  • in a new health profession
  • in a new discipline within your profession.

You can’t transfer your provider number from one address to another. You’ll need a new provider number for every new location.

Apply online

Many health professionals can use HPOS to apply for additional provider numbers. Applying through HPOS is much quicker and easier. You’ll get your additional number right away.

Read more about creating and managing provider numbers using HPOS.

Some health professionals can’t use HPOS to apply for additional provider numbers. You’ll need to fill out the medical practitioner form if you’re:

  • an overseas trained doctor (OTD)
  • a foreign graduate of an accredited medical school (FGAMS)
  • a specialist trainee.

Page last updated: 20 September 2019