Bulk Bill Processing Report

Bulk Bill Processing Report table example

The table shows all transactions within the date range that have been processed with exceptions prior to cut off at 17:30 hours. Exceptions are those claims that have an Explanation Code or a code in the Medicare Card Flag column.

Date From: 10/12/2007

Date To: 13/12/2007

Payee Provider Number: 249998AB

Servicing Provider No. Trans Id Claim Id Patient Name Patient MC No. and IRN Dtae of lodgement Date of service Item No. Claim Benefit Paid Service Benefit Paid Exp Code MC Card Flag Item Seq Id
249998AB 00607121012154505998822S C0001$ Patient A 4899674323 1 10/12/2007 10/12/2007 23 $38.20 $32.80   X 0002
249998AB 00607121012154505998822S C0002$ Patient B 2556974512 3 11/12/2007 10/12/2007 68 $25.20   370   0001
249998AB 00607121013154505998822S C0003$ Patient C 2556166165 2 10/12/2007 10/12/2007 10991 0 0   S 0002
6543978H 00607121014352005998822M C0004$ Patient D 3489078709 1 12/12/2007 12/12/2007 74521 0 $0.00 117   0001
6543978H 00607121017454805998822M C0005$ Patient D 3489078709 2 12/12/2007 10/12/2007 55704 0 0 536   0001

The columns are explained as follows:

  • Servicing Provider Number - provider who performed the service
  • Trans ID - unique identifier for each claim generated by the financial institution and shown on the receipt
  • Claim ID - generated by Medicare during the assessment
  • Patient Name - patient’s last and first name
  • Patient MC Number and IRN - patient’s Medicare card number and individual reference number that identifies the patient on the Medicare card
  • Date of Lodgement - date service was transmitted
  • Date of Service - date service was performed
  • Item Number - number of the service
  • Claim Benefit Paid - total benefit amount paid to provider for all services within a claim
  • Service Benefit Paid - amount paid to provider for a service within a claim, a percentage of the schedule fee
  • Exp Code - the Medicare Reason Code
  • MC Card Flag - an indicator that details the problem Medicare has with the submitted Medicare card
  • Item Seq ID - unique identifier for the service within the claim

In some instances, these claims can be resubmitted where information has been omitted or is incorrect see Exp Code field.


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