National Authentication Service for Health

Manage your certificates

Learn how you can manage your NASH PKI certificate.

Expired certificates

NASH PKI certificates expire 2 years from the date of issue.

You can check the expiry date:

  • on the HI Service certificates tab in Health Professional Online Services (HPOS) if you downloaded it in HPOS
  • printed on the side of physical certificates—such as CDs or USB tokens.

Request a certificate

Healthcare organisations need to request a certificate in HPOS.

Before your certificate expires, you need to request a new NASH PKI so you can keep using My Health Record. We’ll send you a reminder letter 6 weeks before your existing one expires.

We automatically renew NASH PKI certificates for contracted service providers and general supporting organisations.

Certificates no longer needed

If you don’t need or use your certificate, let us know.

If you downloaded your NASH PKI certificate from HPOS, go to HPOS to ask us to revoke it.

If you have a CD or USB token, complete a Request to revoke or reissue a NASH PKI certificate form.

Compromised or lost certificates

If your certificate is lost or compromised, tell us as soon as possible and request another one if you need it.

Using HPOS you can:

  • ask us to revoke it
  • request another certificate.

If you have a CD or USB token, complete a Request to revoke or reissue a NASH PKI certificate form.

Certificates not received

If you don't get your certificate or can’t download it, send an email to us at the eBusiness Service Centre. We can also help if you have a certificate and need assistance.

Correct installation of certificates

If you don’t think your certificate has installed correctly please contact your software vendor.

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