Stationery for optometrists

About stationery that optometrists use to prescribe PBS medicines and how to get the stationery.

The table below outlines how to get prescription pads for optometrists.

Stationery type About the stationery Getting your stationery When you can expect to get it

PBS and RPBS computer generated prescription form

You can use the A4 green PBS and RPBS computer-generated prescriptions with your prescribing software.

Our details are printed on the back of the prescription form instead of the prescriber or practice details. We no longer use different coloured forms for optometrists.

Complete and submit the order for PBS/RPBS computer prescription forms for all eligible prescribers form (PB229).

We send orders within 3 business days

Personalised prescription pad

You can use the green handwritten PBS and RPBS prescription pad to prescribe only 1 unrestricted, restricted, authority and non-PBS items per prescription. Your prescriber details may be pre-printed on this form.

Complete and submit the order for PBS/RPBS personalised prescription books for optometrists form (PB028).

We send orders within 28 calendar days.

Non-personalised prescription pad

You can order a blank emergency supply of prescriptions when you’ve temporarily run out and are waiting for your personalised prescription order to arrive.

Call us.

We send orders within 2 business days.

Page last updated: 9 April 2019

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