Completing PBS and RPBS stationery order forms

It's important to type your order and correctly complete PBS and RPBS forms for personalised prescription pads.

Prescriber full name - Type the name the way you want it to appear on the prescription form. For example, Dr John Smith or Prof Jane Jones.

Prescriber qualifications - These are printed exactly as you type them, including capitals, spaces and commas.

Prescriber current practice name and address - Enter the name of your practice - 1 practice only per order. For example, The Health Clinic and the practice address details. This can't be a PO Box. You must type the practice address in full and it must match our records.

Prescriber number - Add your prescriber number.

Phone number - Enter a mobile number or landline number, including the prefix for the landline phone number. You must format numbers as:

  • landline (02) 9999 9999
  • mobile 9999 999 999.

Quantity of books required - Select only 1 of the boxes to indicate how many you need.

Provider number - Enter your provider number for the relevant practice location. This is optional.

Delivery address - Enter the name of the prescriber and the registered practice address or PO Box. Enter all your address details including level number, suite number, department or shopping centre name. You must type the delivery address in full and it must match our records. We can’t accept 'As above' in the delivery address field.

Email address - Include your email address so we can send you an email when your order is on its way.

Page last updated: 22 February 2019

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